Fred Snodgrass Attorney at Law

Fred founded his firm for the sole purpose of giving individuals the opportunity to obtain quality, professional legal services with personal attention at reasonable prices. Whether you need a lawyer to handle a civil or criminal matter, to assist you in understanding the law and your options, or when you need an attorney because you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime; you can rest assured that if you call Fred, you will receive personal and professional attention from the beginning to the end. Everyone needs an attorney to assist them in life's important matters. Never take on the government or an insurance company on your own because your legal decisions can impact the rest of your life.

Fred and his staff will walk you through the process, give you the information and recommendations you need to help you make those important legal decisions. Fred and his staff have many years of experience and he will use that experience and knowledge of the justice system to obtain the best results for you. If you are in trouble with the law or need legal answers, then do not wait to call or contact Fred today at (406) 294-8396.